A Letter From The Chef

My name is Patrick Connell, and I have been in the kitchen since I was twelve years old.


Dear Patrons & Soon To Be Patrons,

I have cooked for as few as five people to as many as fifteen hundred. Over the years, I have not stopped with the constant progression and refinement in my food primarily, as well as my studies of fine cuisine and culture. For me, my wife and my two beautiful children are my limitless motivation that have made me the relentless chef I am today. Now, working as the Executive Chef at The Grille on Main, I have applied the same philosophy and work ethic here to take the Grille On Main to the next level and give everyone what I feel is missing on Main Street, fresh locally sourced foods from our kitchen to your table. For me this is my life long career to be an Executive Chef and I uphold nothing but the highest standards and never sacrifice quality as an example to my staff. Three morals I stick to day-by-day is consistency, example: Superior product from taste to presentation, longevity: Always being on time same positive attitude, with a calm demeaner and lead by example for a solid staff.

I hope that you will join us at the Grille on Main and try one of my dishes personally.


Patrick Connell

Executive Chef
The Grille On Main

Executive Chef At Grille On Main